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Getting Started

Welcome to the FastTrack user manual. This manual will present the tracking software and how to use it. Please contact Benjamin Gallois by email at if you need more information or to signal a bug. If you encounter any problem, please check at FastTrack issues to see if the error is already signaled and being addressed. For comments or suggestions, please open a discussion.

FastTrack is a cross-platform application designed to track multiple objects in video recording. Stable versions of the software are available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. The source code can be downloaded at

Two main features are implemented in the software:

  • An automatic tracking algorithm that can detect and track objects, conserving the objects' identities across the video recording.
  • An ergonomic tool allows the user to check, correct and annotate the tracking.

The FastTrack user interface is implemented with Qt and the image analysis with the OpenCV library. This allows a performant and responsive software amenable to processing large video recordings. FastTrack uses SQLite database to store the data internally and tracking results are exported in a plain text file (as well as accessible through the database).

FastTrack was first a Ph.D. thesis side project started by Benjamin Gallois in his spare time that has then taken dedicated time in his Ph.D. project. The software's core is still maintained in his spare time; therefore, new features implementation, bug fixes, and help can take some time.

Not sure if you want to use FastTrack? Check these five most common questions:

What video quality is required? FastTrack is designed to work with any video quality and frame rate.

What type of objects and numbers can FastTrack handled?

How does it perform? Tracking performances depend on systems (number and type of objects). However, with the built-in ergonomic tool, it is possible to achieve 100% tracking accuracy with minimal effort.

It is free? FastTrack is a free software under the GPL3 license.

Do I need programming skills? No.